From Simple to Complex Architectural Shapes

Mid-States Steel offers over 50 years of experience in structural steel construction of simple and complex architectural shapes.

Established in 1956, Mid-States Steel Corporation has grown in capacity and expertise in the steel construction industry. We stand proud of our achievements as a structural steel fabricator, providing detailing and fabrication services throughout the United States.

Our plant is located in Boone, Iowa, and covers more than 72,000 square feet.

Our team’s expertise provides customers with many years of experience and the production capacity to fabricate and ship 100 tons of structural steel per week.

We have continuously reinvested in our production tools to keep up with customer demands. Today our plant contains an array of sophisticated CNC machines, 13 overhead cranes and numerous transfer stations to handle beams easily.

With the advent of computer-aided design, Mid-States Steel has increased its ability to efficiently process large structural shapes and complex pieces of steel.